Eventbrite - Freethinkers in the Forest    

 May 25-27, 2018

Palmyra, VA

Join all of your freethinking friends and meet new ones!


We believe that summer camp is a place to relax, adventure and connect.

We believe that building a community is more fun when you are having fun together.

We believe that unplugging and getting back to nature is good for refocusing on what is important.

We believe that a weekend of sleeping in cabins, eating good food, hanging out around a fire, and singing silly songs will create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.


I am ready! Sign me up!

Eventbrite - Freethinkers in the Forest


Swim, canoe, kayak, gaga ball, high ropes, zipline, tennis, basketball, fire building, survival skills, soccer, archery and more.



Friends by the fire, dance party, delicious food and drink, and more.



(No) talent show, batiks, friendship bracelets, music, art projects, and more.



Bonfires, s'mores, yoga without the woo, hammocks, reading, letter-writing, cloud watching and more.



Camp includes 6 meals, snacks, some drinks, including adult beverages, and treats. All of your favorite food from camp, all grown up for adults – each meal will be delicious and healthy. Snacks also available throughout the day. Special dietary needs? No problem! Gluten or dairy free, vegan or vegetarian can be indicated when you register.



All of the cabins have indoor bathrooms and showers either inside or adjacent to the cabin, single beds, and mattresses. Most people will be able to grab a bottom bunk, unless you want to relive your youth. Bring your own pillows and bedding or sleeping bag.

When you register, you will have the option of choosing an all female, all male, or gender mixed or neutral bunk You can also let us know if you are meeting a friend or a group of friends at camp. We will assign cabins, doing everything we can to place groups together. If the woods make you feel romantic, your roommates ask you to kindly make use of the 100s of acres of forest way off the beaten path, not the cabin you are sharing with other people for the weekend.  

I am ready! Sign me up!

  Eventbrite - Freethinkers in the Forest
At the core of our camp philosophy is "all good will assumed and no ill will intended". This means be respectful of yourself and others. Adults of all colors, genders, sexualities, personalities, backgrounds and skills are welcome. We looking forward to building a community that full of laughter and friendship.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF FREETHINKERS IN THE FOREST? To build a secular community of awesome folks who like to spend time in the woods. (Mostly because we were jealous of the kids having Camp Quest).   WHO’S GOING TO BE THERE? All of the folks that you like to catch up with at atheist, humanist and freethinker conferences, with none of the conference, and all of the fun!   WHEN IS IT? May 25-27, 2018. Take Friday off of work, long weekends are better!   WHERE IS IT? Freethinkers in the Forest is  hosted by Camp Friendship in Palmyra, VA. They are an international summer camp for children in the summer and are super excited to host this event. Camp is 2.5 hours from Washington, DC and 1 hour from Richmond, VA.   HOW DO I GET THERE? If we have enough people interested in coming from one airport we may be able to arrange a bus. We have also set up a Carpool Website for people to connect for rideshare opportunities.   WHAT IF I DON’T KNOW ANYONE AT CAMP? Friday afternoon and evening will start with fun ice-breaker activities. The whole weekend will be full of fun activities where you will get to know everyone at camp.   DO I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE? We hope that by signing up for camp you want to join us in the fun activities that we have planned. We also understand that not everyone can be around people all of the time. We want you to practice self care - if you need to take a nap or go for a walk in the woods or sit by the river, please do.   DO YOU HANDLE THE CABIN ASSIGNMENTS? Yes. Using the registration questions we will do our best to put you with a good  mix of people and also with other members of your group.   WHAT SHOULD I PACK? A pillow and  sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket are must haves. Toothpaste is strongly advised, but we will send you a detailed list of things to bring before it is time for you to get ready.   CAN I PACK MY OWN FOOD? Please do not bring food to your cabin. This is an open invitation to the local critters. Included in your registration is six  meals, some drinks in the evening and lots of snacks. Exceptions may be made for people with specific dietary needs, but please let us know ahead of time if that is an issue.   CAN I DRINK? If you want to have a beer around the fire, or a few glasses of wine at the talent show, that is all good. But if you want to get hammered all day long, this is not the event for you.   CAN I BRING MY OWN BOOZE? Please do not pack in your own alcohol. We will provide drinks in the evenings but don’t plan on being drunk all day. This is an insurance and ABC law requirement for the event. Also your new friends don’t want to hold your hair for you.   CAN I SMOKE? No smoking outside of the designated area. We’ll have a marked outdoor area for people who need to smoke. Please don’t smoke anywhere else.   IS THERE WIFI? There is but only in limited spots on the property. But you don’t need it at camp. Time to unplug!   CAN I BRING MY PHONE AND OTHER GADGETS? Please limit technology is to the  designated wifi area. We want camp to be a place that exists in the moment. Don’t worry, there is a phone number people can call in an emergency.   HOW MUCH DOES CAMP COST? A Standard Camp Registration is $375. Included in your camp registration is lodging for 2 nights, camp for 3 days, 6 delicious and healthy meals, drinks, snacks and all activities. We think if you consider the cost of renting a hotel room for 2 nights, eating out 6 meals, plus all of the activities, it is really a great deal!   CAN I BRING MY KIDS/DOG/CAT? This session is for adults over the age of 21. Maybe in the future we will have a family camp. The only animals we can allow are service animals.   CAN I ARRIVE LATE? Check-In is from 1-3pm on Friday. Friday afternoon is when we get to know each other, so it is best if we have everyone there. We understand that emergencies happen, and we’ll deal with those as they arise. You’ll have a phone number to call in that case.   CAN I LEAVE EARLY? You can leave early, but once you are gone, you can’t come back. This is another annoying insurance requirement.   ARE YOU LGBTQ INCLUSIVE? Yes! Please indicate your gender identity and whether you would like to bunk in an all female gendered, all male gendered or a mixed or gender neutral cabin. All bathrooms in the public spaces and the gender neutral cabins will be marked as gender neutral.   DO YOU HAVE A CODE OF CONDUCT? We do! The short version is we will not tolerate any form of harassment since we are all at camp to have fun and relax. Don’t be a jerk or we will ask you to leave. No really, we will. And you will not get your money back. The long version can be found here.